Saturday, June 28, 2008

Quick odds and ends

  • Added the link to the Nationals Farm Authority Big Board to the links on the right. Check it out every week if you want to live a happy, fulfilling life.
  • Check out Pop'rs. My understanding of Pop'rs is that they are seasonings you put on foods, but have a good source of many vitamins and don't have a whole lot of sugar/carbs/sodium. Flavors go from Cocoa to Butter to Strawberry to Taco. Click the link to find out more, and you can enter a contest here to try them.
  • I'm also proud of Nationals pitcher Joel Hanrahan for doing some fundraising for the floods in Iowa, where he is from. If you want to bid on any of the items from the online auction (or just wnat to peruse them), check it out here.
  • Late Edit: is reporting that Hill COULD be out for the year:

    Right-hander Shawn Hill yesterday did not rule out the possibility that he could be out for the season. He was placed on the 15-day disabled list on Thursday with a strained right forearm, and he will be out indefinitely.

    "At this point, I honestly think that this is what it needs," Hill said. "I haven't had a good period of rest for a couple years now. I haven't had a good year to rest where my arm can just strictly rest up, heal up and catch up from all the abuse it's taken. At the same time it's frustrating because it's the middle of the season."

    Hill will leave the team and go to his offseason home in Florida in the next few days. He said his arm hurts even when he's doing normal, everyday activities. When that pain subsides, he'll decide when to begin a rehabilitation and throwing program.


  1. Sean: Thanks for entering my giveaway! How did you find out about the contest? Make sure you send your info to, so we can FedEx the Pop'rs to you when you win! We'd also appreciate a mention of the contest on your blog, as well. The link is . Thanks!

  2. I'm OK with Hill taking the year off as long as he stays as far away from John Patterson and his medical team as possible...

    Now, seriously, doesn't it seem as though the team is being just a mite passive with respect to their putative star's medical treatment?

    I'm more than a little worried that he'll be left to fall on his ass as JP did.

  3. That's why I've been campaigning for him to be a relief pitcher from now on.

    Hill for 4 innings a week > Hill for 0 innings a week.


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