Thursday, June 12, 2008

Another 4-6 weeks of this?

Zimmerman's out at least 4-6 more weeks. He'll get a checkup, and if he's not better, he'll have season-ending surgery on his labrum.

Per Chico Harlan at Nats Journal (link is above):
"We're not 100 percent sure that the exercises will resolve this. This is a specific exercise program that is the best in the United States proven to help avoid this surgery and get him healthy. But we're not going to know until that time."
Chico also ran down some other injury updates in the weekly chat he has:

Cordero -- just went down to Florida to start throwing more regularly. He's still about two weeks away from a rehab assignment. I'm guessing he won't be back with Washington until July.

Nick Johnson -- has a setback recently. He was supposed to get his cast removed last week, and the doctors decided he should wear it for two more weeks. Initially the team estimated 4-6 weeks. Now it's more like 6-8.

Lo Duca -- might be close. He just started a rehab assignment. The real question here is, where does he play?

Kearns -- still doing arm strengthening exercises. Once he resumes "baseball activities," the team will have a better idea. Still a few weeks away.

So we're looking at general timeframes of mid-to-late June for Lo Duca, late June-to-early July for Kearns (also fits with Ladson's "2-4 weeks" prediction), July for Cordero, the all-star break for Zimmerman and for Johnson, who knows? Throw in guys like baseball player Chico (MRI on his elbow showed loose bodies, 6 weeks of rest and rehab according to writer Chico) Wagner (throwing simulated games) for some mystery and I start to smell a sitcom.

So I'm starting to have a better feeling about the Nats' "worst lineup ever" now that we'll actually have some of our starters back (not that they were all that special in the first place).

This lineup doesn't sound all that bad to me:
Kearns-9 (he'll be at .250 by the end of the season, I guarantee it)

We'll hopefully have this lineup from the ASG on. I really really hope so.

But until then, what do we do? We don't really have a choice but to keep trotting out Casto, Pena, etc. But with Belliard back, we've got decent starters at 7 of 8 positions (C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, CF, RF). There is really no excuse for how bad this team is hitting. They'll turn it around. They better.

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