Saturday, June 21, 2008

Entering the Danger Zone

Two "dangerous" things for me to touch on real quick.

One, I got an email containing this message from
Hey fans, chat with Nationals Senior Vice President and General Manager Jim Bowden next Tuesday, June 24 at 11 a.m. on!

Now is your chance to ask Jim about the moves he's made, the recent draft selections (including first-rounder Aaron Crow), and where he believes the Nationals are headed in the future!

This chat is open to all Nationals fans, so make sure to log in on Tuesday and submit your questions to the chat!
Can we start a campaign of like 300 people to all send the same question: Is Mike Rizzo going to be ready to take over as GM when you're fired in July?

The other dangerous thing of the night: ELIJAH DUKES' BAT. Finally, something with Elijah Dukes and danger that doesn't involve him doing anything stupid. Dukes went 5/6 tonight with a double, a homer, a walk, 2 runs and 2 RBI (including the game winner on a walkoff single). Dukes is up to .270/.377/.402 on the year. That's actually pretty dang good, without even factoring his speed (8/9 SB!) or his defense. We've got ourselves the special player everyone thought Dukes would be. Let's see if he can keep his head on straight because if he does, he'll be our all-star rep next year.

And I came up with one more dangerous thing: having Lenny Harris as our hitting coach. FIRE LENNY!!!!!!!!1!!!!ONE!!!!


  1. Lenny Harris is the bane of my existence. I'm going to paraphrase a quote from his Cubs days in 2003, "Working the count obviously isn't working. I'm going to swing at the first pitch from now on and hope for the best." The Cubs cut him and then he won a World Series ring on the Marlins. Schnoo.

  2. Re Bowden, I'd say "October" rather than "July," but your point is well taken.

  3. Unfortunately, it looks like wishful thinking to have either fired before the offseason. I think we can trust in Bowden to sell off Harris and maybe a reliever for some low-A prospects (like he did with Stanton, Ward, Anderson, etc.) but I don't think he'll move a whole lot else. I hope Trader Jim lives up to his nickname, though, because we need to get the youngsters some at bats in place of the old guys. More on that in my new post.


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