Monday, June 30, 2008

Sunday Night Roundup

Wow, nice ending to the game tonight! For those of you who live under rocks (or read my blog for reasons other than Nationals coverage, a dangerous thing in the summer), Nats infielder Ronnie Belliard hit a 1-2 pitch with 2 outs in the bottom of the 12th to beat the Dark Side 3-2. Great to see the Nats win (and the Dark Side lose) in such a dramatic fashion. Seems every time a Nats player hits a walk-off homer, I'm at work. So I guess I'll have to start working more often. Take one for the team, I guess.

The Reds signed Rob Mackowiak to a minor league contract. Usually guys are used to going from the Reds to the Nationals, but I guess Mackowiak is a non-conformist. He really showed his individuality by refusing to conform to the ML standard for being able to hit the ball. Way to show 'em, Rob!

Virginia Tech 400-meter hurdler Queen Harrison made the US Olympic Team today. Another proud moment for Virginia Tech. In the past year, the Hokies have reached the final four in men's soccer, the BCS in football and the College World Series in softball. They scored ACC Championships in Football, Women's Track and Field (both indoor and outdoor) and golf. Still looking for the elusive National Championship, but Virginia Tech sports continue to be on the rise.

Mike Green, Brooks Laich, Cristobal Huet, Shaone Morrisonn and Boyd Gordon can negotiate with other teams starting at (I believe) noon on Tuesday. Wouldn't it be great if, say, Huet signed between now and when I wake up tomorrow? And Green and Morrisonn decide that they'd rather save the team some cash and both sign deals around $1 mil for the better interest of the Caps? And Brooks Laich said "I think that's a great idea" and followed suit? And Boyd Gordon signed for the minimum and Cindy Crosby shaved his 15 year old hispanic kid moustache and the Caps signed Wayne Gretzky's time machine self? Hopefully, the Caps will be able to fit everyone under the salary cap. If you're interested, check out Japers' Rink's assessment of the value of draft pick compensation in the NHL. Here is my assessment of cap room.

Looks like that's it for now. I'll check in tomorrow late morning/early afternoon.


  1. woohoo! i watched the 400 hurdles and was like woooah she's from vt -- awesome! i'm glad you cover vt track...i've taught you well :)

  2. And, Woo-Hoo for the Nats! Do ya think they'll pull even with 400 soon?

  3. Well, if they win tomorrow they'll be at .400. We'll see where it will go from there. I'd be surprised if they ended up below .400, though.


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