Sunday, June 22, 2008

Last Night & Thoughts on Moves

Things were looking good last night. I caught a Josh Hamilton batting practice shot and was seeing my 29th team play (with the Royals being the elusive last team. Don't think I've been missing a whole lot from Royals baseball in my lifetime, since they haven't made the playoffs in that timeframe). I was hoping to collect my first win of the year (the other three games I've been to this year: the great Bergmann relief experiment in a 10-2 loss to Atlanta, the last game Odalis Perez has started, a 6-1 loss to St. Louis and the great Ayala implosion, a 6-0 loss to San Francisco. With Wily Mo's "minus home run" as another fan called it (well that takes him down to 0 HR now I believe), things were looking bad. Then we went down 3-0. On the 3-2 pitch to Dukes with the bases loaded and no outs, down 4-2, some idiot comes walking down our aisle right as he hits the ball (I guess Disney taught the ushers how to be nice, but how to know absolutely nothing about baseball and the importance of people not going through aisles during at bats. Then Manning, Sanches and Colome melted down and that was all. Yuck.

I meant to say this earlier, but Pete Orr is pretty bad. Sure, he fooled us today with some tricky glovework. But he still went 0-3 and is a career .263/.292/.339 hitter (and a career .264/.313/.349 minor league hitter). Sure, his 15/18 SB this year in Columbus look good (and 112/149 career
in the minors), but his speed didn't translate all that well to the majors (10/15 makes for a decent 66% rate, but averages to just over 3 stolen bases per year in his 3 year ML stint). He'll hopefully just be up until Odalis returns, but (as Manny mistakenly forgot) should NEVER start. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'd rather see Fail-ipe Lopez start instead of Peterson T. Orr.

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