Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Some old faces

After reading through this week's "Pop Culture Grid" on SI.com's Extra Mustard section, I realized how much I really do miss having personalities on our team. Brendan Harris was featured on the page. Here are his answers:

Hopefully you can read those. Otherwise, just click the link and it will take you right there. His answers weren't LOLtastic, but, like I said, I miss having guys with personality (you'll feel the same way if you read Ryan Zimmerman's blog). You have to love it when a guy fills in the blank in "I never leave home without my _____" with "flask" and says that Hillary Clinton needs to stop talking.

Some other guys I miss: Jose Guillen (enough personality to supply a whole team), Jamey Carroll (my first autograph where I actually talked to the player), Joey Eischen and Robert Fick. I'll also throw in Mike Bacsik pre-756, even though he's still in the organization. We do still have Circus Music Dmitri Young but that's about it.

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  1. Sean - I've also added your blog to my links section. It'll be a daily read and I plan on putting it in my RSS feed. Thanks for checking it out!


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