Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Acta-Dukes situation

Most of what I think about the Acta-Dukes situation has already either been said by other Nats bloggers or by myself in the comments of other blogs, but I'll touch on it.

Dukes needs to quit his childish antics, plain and simple. To be honest, I don't really care about him showing up the pitcher (more on that in a sec), but you don't show up your manager. Growing up in a bad neighborhood isn't an excuse for a total lack of class. You're an adult, Elijah. Act like one.

And whilie I don't really care about showing up the opposing pitcher, what he did last night is going to get him a fastball in the ear tonight. Am I the only one who is imagining this following the fastball in the ear: he's going to charge the mound and attack Ian Snell and get thrown out, then cut, and he won't play professional baseball ever again. Dukes has brought all of the doubts people have in him upon himself. He can right the ship whenever he wants. Let's see if he does it now with an apology to Manny.


  1. you wanna jump him?

  2. I wouldn't attempt to without an military-grade armored humvee that sprays bear mace on command.


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