Friday, June 27, 2008

A couple quick notes

According to's Ken Rosenthal (via, 2 good things have decent chances of happening:

-Dumping Fail-ipe Lopez on the Orioles (for a "marginal prospect")
-Resigning Guzman to a 2-year deal

Trading Lopez to the Orioles would make me a happy man. I'd love to see "O's Exec" who trolls around the Nationals Journal comments stuck with the awful infielder.

Also, Dmitri misses Fick and says the team would be better off with him. I think he'd be a good coach, whenever he retires.


  1. Hoagie--
    3 things:
    1. I'm sad about Felipe! He's one of my faves!
    2. What the heck is a Keydet (see my question on scholastic scribe)?
    3. I found a contest you'd like. I think if you won, you'd have fun putting these Pop'rs things on all kinds of "interesting" food. The link is -- I heard from the blog's author that they're holding the contest open a while longer because they didn't specify the time zone for the deadline (ie, EST, CST, etc.).

  2. 1) Felipe isn't a goner. It's just a rumor, and I'd say 99.5% of baseball rumors don't end up in anything happening.
    2) VMI's nickname is the Keydets (like Cadets with a southern twang).
    3) AWESOME!

  3. Talking of future coaches...

    I hope Nick comes back healthy in 2009 and resumes a great career.

    But all the same (and maybe just in case), can we puh-leeze put his name on the short list of candidates for hitting coach?

  4. Might as well, I couldn't see him doing any worse than Lenny.


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