Monday, June 16, 2008

VT to get new football uniforms?

From a chat/interview with Tyrod Taylor from via
Coach Beamer has hinted at some type of uniform changes this fall. Would you and the rest of the team like to see uniform changes? And, if so, how much does stuff like that matter to the players?

John Owen
Scottsville, VA

Taylor: I’ve heard some rumors, but I don’t have any details. I like the uniforms that we have now. I’m not really all that concerned about the uniforms. If you play well, the uniforms will look good. If you don’t play well, they’ll look bad.

I personally am a big fan of Virginia Tech's current uniforms. They're simple and classy, without a whole lot of noise going on. I'll defer judgment on any new uniforms until I see them, but I'd like to be seeing these for my next 3 years in Blacksburg:

That is, as long as they don't go back to these unis:

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