Sunday, September 7, 2008

Weekends are wonderful

There's just something about waking up on a Sunday morning, eating a waffle with strawberries and whipped cream and watching football all day. And while I don't have any rooting interest for the two games on TV for me right now (Miami vs. New York Jets and St. Louis vs Philly), they're still fun to watch. The storylines are great: Favre's first game with the Jets, Philly fans being jerks, etc.

Yesterday was a great day for me as well, as the Hokies finally got their first win (does a win against Furman count, though?). And then ECU wrecked West Virginia. Now losing to the Pirates doesn't look so bad...and it's always great to see WVU lose. One of the more random events of my life occured yesterday when Subway's Jared Fogle was introduced on the 20-yard-line during the 1st quarter of the Tech game. As some of you may know, I worked at Subway during high Jared is pretty much the bane of my existance. Still, it's cool to see a random "celebrity" supporting the Hokies.

I know most of my readers are used to seeing me blog about the Nats, but I can't watch games at school, so it's pretty much impossible to say much that hasn't already been said by other blogs. I'll still try to keep up with the Nats, though. After watching last night's highlights, I wasn't sure I was watching the same team. 5 homers? Boy, Dukes and Zim have been hitting the tar out of the ball. Harris' career year continues. They better keep him around for next year. It's nice to see Langerhans get some redemption against his former team, too.

I'm not too surprised Bergmann has been bounced from the rotation. I love Bergy and I hate him at the same time. He's either going to shut down the other team completely or get destroyed (and lately, it's been the latter). I have a feeling he'll be in the rotation next year nonetheless (just a feeling, but I doubt Martis will be in the rotation next year to start the year, Zimmermann maybe), but I like Bergmann out of the pen. Also good to see in the same article that Mock has a 2.35 ERA as a reliever. He and Hanrahan both have great stuff and with the two of them, we might have a decent back of the bullpen in a year or two. If Mock can develop into a nice setup man (sorry, Saul, but you're better in the 7th), I like our pen.

One last bit-On Mondays, I'll be posting stuff about my Fantasy Football teams. I know many of you won't care so much, but I'm just looking for things I'll be able to update throughout the winter when things are slow on the baseball front. I've got 5 teams, so there is going to be a lot of opportunities for material there.


  1. My goodness, there's Charlie and Dave to be listened to, and the Mets to be rooted for twice today.

    Oh, well, if you must fritter away your time on other and lesser pursuits, far be it from me to get in your way...

  2. Is there a place online that I can listen to radio streams for free? 3WT disabled their online streams, MLB.TV isn't free (for radio or TV).

  3. MLB Gameday Audio is just $14.95 a year, plus you get 14 free issues of SI. (After which I think they automatically renew your SI sub if you don't remember to cancel it, so be careful.)

    I don't know if they charge by the year (i.e., 12 months from the date of purchase) or by the season. There's contact information on their webpage.

    Although I only listen to 10-20 games a season -- mostly Nats games when I'm on the road -- I think it's a pretty good deal. Besides, there's something especially cool about picking up a Nats game live when I'm in Bangalore and it's 5 in the morning.

  4. $15 is like 200 packets of Ramen!!

  5. Ramen?? Jeez... in MY day we did it on coffee and Snickers bars and Camels. (Some of us have even lived to tell the tale.)

    Seriously, you should put this item onto your holiday or birthday wish list.

  6. I'll add it to the grand old Christmas list this year. Charlie and Dave > socks.


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