Saturday, September 20, 2008

A moral dilemma

I was getting frustrated by my Hokies today, as they were down 17-3 in the third quarter and didn't look like they could make anything happen. So I went to do my laundry (go figure). While I was in the laundry room, they scored back-to-back touchdowns and since then have added a field goal to make the score 20-17 Tech.

I am a generally superstitious person. My dilemma: should I spend the last 10 minutes of the game in the laundry room?


  1. Well, there might be some method to your madness. When Ella Numera Una was on the field hockey team that was playing arch-rival and super-good Woodson for the District Title, the game went into overtime. I'm sorry but I had to use the porta-potty. Guess what? Ella Una's team scored and won the game! This has happened to me a couple of times. I think you'd best start doing your laundry when the Hokies are down! BTW, don't forget our Silly Sunday Sweepstakes tomorrow. Come on by and Share the Caption Love!

  2. absolutely. i am extremely superstitious and because of it the terps, despite playing subpar teams, are 2-0 at home this year!

  3. Hey, give yourself a little credit...Cal was good.

  4. wow for some reason i completely overlooked, haha. i was thinking of delaware and eastern michigan, because usually the terps overlook the bad teams.


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