Monday, September 1, 2008

A little bit of self-promotion

I'm proud to say I've been given a "Kick Ass Blogger Award" thanks to the Scholastic Scribe.

Kick Ass Blogger Award

Once a "Kick Ass Blogger" is awarded, said blogger gets to award 5 "Kick Ass Blogger" awards. So without further ado, step up and claim your prizes:

Nationals Farm Authority is by far the Most Valuable Blog of the Natsmosphere. I don't think I really have to go into detail, but Brian Oliver is pretty much my hero.

Fire Jim Bowden is probably the Most Improved Blog. I'll admit, I was skeptical at first, Steven, but posts like this, this and this make me sure that FJB isn't just going to be a temporary blog that will stop when Bowden is canned. Keep it going, Steven, you're doing some great work.

Nationals Fanboy Looser is probably my favorite all-around blog. Mike Harris brings communications experience (or at least I think he does) and combines it with his far-reaching sports knowledge for a very enjoyable read.

I really like Hendo's Hutch because Hendo and I seem to be on the same page a lot. Hendo rarely lets his emotions get the best of them and provides great insights.

Last, but certainly not least is The Nationals Enquirer. I appreciate the Enquirer so much more now that I'm away from school because it gives a ton of information on every game. And there's some pretty funny stuff there, too.

There are a ton of other great blogs out there (Japers' Rink, Get Rich Quickly, Nationals Journal, (the former) Capitol Punishment just to name a few) but these are the 5 that I automatically read every morning.


  1. Thanks Sean, your comments are much appreciated.

  2. Ditto Brian. It makes it a lot more fun to follow this team to be a part of the little blogger community!

  3. Hoagie, I humbly and gratefully bow. Only problem is, you and I are also on the same page blogwise, so I'll have to think long and hard about my awardees. (Unless it's OK for a recipient to get multiple honors, in which case my job will be much easier.)

  4. Whoops, that last was from me.

  5. Hendo, it's fine by me. I don't think they're going to mind.

  6. Damn! Sean, I'm the last to check in here to thank you for the kind words and vote of confidence. I echo the sentiments of the others: I appreciate it, and humbly accept the honor. Keep up the good work over here, yourself...


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