Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Video of the Day

Chris Cooley's fantasy draft. Hilarious. Features Cooley, Jason Campbell, Santana Moss, Mike Sellers, Reed Doughty, Shawn Suisham, Fred Davis, Fred Smoot, Colt Brennan and a team comprised of Jason Campbell's girlfriend, Mercedes and Cooley's wife, Christy. I'm going to post up my own fantasy teams in a few days, but this is a good start.

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  1. Pretty funny stuff. Those NFL guys are HUGE, aren't they? Ella Numera Dos went to a Backstreet Boys concert at Wolf Trap a couple of weeks ago, and sat behind Colley and his wife. She even asked him to pose for a picture, and he did! A pretty nice guy, I'd say. BTW, if you have some time tomorrow, drop on by my place. We're playing the Silly Sunday Sweepstakes, and Sharing All That Caption Love!


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