Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fantasy Football Update

Okay, it's not really an update. I never did tell you about my teams, and for good reason.

I'll just come out and say it-I'm a fantasy football addict. I don't spend any money on the game, nor do I spend a whole lot of time on it, but I do have 5 teams. The main reason I didn't want to update it until now was because I wanted to make sure all of my teams are respectable. And they most definitely are, in my opinion. After a debacle in week 1, I wasn't so sure, but my teams went from a combined 1-4 in week 1 to a combined 10-5, losing only 1 of my 10 matchups over the last 2 weeks.

Week 1 was awful, as I said before. You never want to lose 4 of 5 fantasy matchups, but especially not 3 losses by 10 or fewer points. Having Tom Brady on two teams didn't hurt quite as badly as I thought (not that I would have cared anyways, because I hate Tom Brady).

My most important team, the Orange Iguanas, is the one I'll feature throughout the year (just updating records for my other teams, at least until playoff time). The Iggies compete in a keeper league, so I came into the season with the likes of Carson Palmer, Adrian Peterson and Larry Fitzgerald before the draft (and if I could have kept anyone from my team last year, you would have seen Brandon Jacobs, Marshawn Lynch, Reggie Bush, Calvin Johnson, T.J. Houshmenzadeh...boy that team was stacked). A 2-point loss in week one was painful, but I was lucky to only lose by that much, as my opponent, the Pioneers, started Tommy Brady. I left Baltimore's defense on the bench and that proved to be the difference, as starting Minnesota proved to be a negative-8 point swing.

Strong performances across the board helped me to a 60-39 victory over the Fallen Angels in week 2, anchored by Kurt Warner's 300+ yard 3 TD game. All of my skill position players had huge days that could have been even better if they scored TD's (269 combined rushing yards and 442 receiving yards between Larry Fitzgerald, Greg Jennings, Dwayne Bowe, Adrian Peterson and Chris Johnson but no touchdowns). If I had lost this game due to a lack of scoring out of these 5, I would have been incredibly angry.

I got lucky in week 3, beating the South Park Cows 59-56. I was happy with Fitzgerald (10 points) and the Vikings defense (19 points), but disappointed with many other team members (9 combined points for Peterson, Johnson and Jennings). But the Cows' recievers only scored a total of 2 points and Vernon Davis and Kevin Smith put up goose eggs.

After 3 weeks, I stand 2-1, behind only the 3-0 T-Birds for first place in the North division of the VA/NJ Keeper. I face the T-Birds in weeks 4 and 8. Week 8 is a very bad bye week for me (as I lose Greg Jennings, Adrian Peterson, Chester Taylor and the Vikings defense). Both matchups avoid his best players' bye weeks, as the only players I miss in both weeks combined are Ricky Williams, Ryan Longwell, Jay Cutler, Seattle defense and Kevin Boss.

Here is my roster:

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