Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wednesday Wrapup

Just a few things:

Hokies QB Tyrod Taylor will play on Saturday. Not that it really matters against Furman, but he'll get into game rhythm with his receivers (well....with Greg Boone) and hopefully be ready for Georgia Tech in 10 days. Thank God.

The Nats are lowering season ticket prices significantly. I still bet they will sell 20% fewer season tickets next year at least (unless they go big in FA...I'll wait for your laughter to cease).

Chico shows his Pittsburgh Penguins fanboy side in his chat today. BOOO CROSBY! YAYYY OVECHKIN!

Don't think I ever passed this link along. Go and rate your favorite team's players defensively when you get a chance.

Not a whole lot else going on. Hopefully Odalis sends Utley a message tonight. Regardless of whether or not he intended to hurt Flores, he did. I view baseball as an eye-for-an-eye sport. Utley needs to get chin music tonight.


  1. Utley got ass music, which was OK. I'll never begrudge the Phillies that extra run, and wouldn't even if we'd lost.

    Which we didn't. As I'm wont to say, winning is the best revenge. (Serve hot or cold.)

  2. Utley got it just where he likes it ;)

    I just hope we can spoil their year this year. I've had it up to here with Philly jerks in the last few months.

  3. Yeah the problem is Chico was making the comment of a vast difference between the first and second pick a la Crosby vs. Bobby Ryan that is a big gap. Ovechkin over Malkin...not so much in fact I'd say a number of people would give the nod to Malkin b/c he can play center as well as on a wing.


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