Saturday, September 13, 2008

Big Win

We needed this one today. Not a whole lot on the topic (I've got some celebratin' to do!), but it's nice to see how much respect Georgia Tech players have for Virginia Tech fans:

Defensive tackle Darryl Richard: “The biggest thing about it is the respect that the fans have for playing the game of football. A lot of people, fan-wise, they think screaming is what it’s all about. But at Virginia Tech, they know when to scream. They know how to scream. They’re so involved in the game. They understand, on third down, when their defense is on the field, to make noise. They get involved in the kicking game. When it’s time to punt, you see all those hands waving, talking about blocking that kick. That atmosphere, they get it. That’s the best way to put it. … [The noise] is mind-numbing. You’d better know your stuff, because you can’t really hear. … If you really love this game, that’s the place for it.”

As always, I was not particularly pleased by the actions of a few Virginia Tech fans (they were from Jersey, though, so what do you expect from people who root for the likes of the Mets, Yankees, Giants, Flyers, Rangers, Jets, etc.), but most Georgia Tech fans I talked to after the game were pleased with the hospitality of Blacksburg. It's all about Hokie Respect.

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  1. Gooooooo, Hokies! Have to say, it's still early in the season, but I was getting a tad nervous for you and yours! BTW, on a completely different subject, it's that time of week again--Silly Sunday Sweepstakes time. Come on over and play along!


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