Sunday, September 28, 2008

Mission complete

The Nats' intentions of losing were very evident today with the most pathetic lineup in baseball history:

Seriously, Odalis Perez was our best hitter today. Pathetic. Our lineup today was an embarrassment to our franchise. I don't care what our record is...we should NEVER field a lineup this horrible. Manny should be beyond ashamed of himself.

Thanks to the awful lineup, we've clinched Stephen Strasburg. He better live up to expectations, because we seriously look like the worst franchise in all of baseball right now.

All of our coaches minus Randy St. Claire are gone. Glad to see Lenny out. I'm sure Corrales will retire. Good to see Bowden finally took the 'classy' road and notified them last night that their contracts wouldn't be renewed. Hopefully we'll see a similar decision regarding Bowden in the next few days. I want Rizzo before the World Series is over.

In other news, a big win for the Hokies last night at Nebraska. They tried (once again) to give it away late, but ended up on top for their fourth straight win, vaulting them back into the top 25 (#20 in the AP poll, #24 in the USA Today Coaches Poll).

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