Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wednesday Evening Link Parade

Some interesting stuff for you tonight.

Bill Nye the Science Guy is a Nats fan! See the first poll at the bottom of the post! [DC Sports Bog

Dmitri Young is smelling a trade [Half Street Blues]

The Nats are going to start the season with a 4-man rotation and 14 hitters []

Ladson speculates that the "extra" bench guy will be Kory Casto, Dmitri Young or Wily Mo Pena, but not a catcher. Also, Rule 5 draftee Terrell Young is "suffering" from right shoulder pain. Says he's fine now. Might we be stashing him for a while on the DL? [Ladson's Blog]

Anderson Hernandez pulled a hammy tonight, apparently pretty bad. See the second poll at the bottom of the post. []

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  1. Oh, drat! All the Gnats I like are leaving! Whatever will I do if Dmitri leaves us?


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