Friday, March 13, 2009

Thursday late night odds and ends

Well, I finally have enough fodder to constitute a whole post.

First off, the Caps beat the Flyers tonight. Good. I hate the Flyers.

Second, the Hokies beat Miami today. Also good. I also hate Miami. They need to do work tomorrow, though.

Next, the Rangers are getting a compensation pick for their prospect, Alexei Cherepanov, that died of heart faliure in a KHL game in Russia back in October. To be honest, this makes no sense to me and sets a terrible precedent for the NHL. Where do you draw the line? Players have died before and their teams were not given draft pick compensation (Len Bias, anyone?). Is a career-ending injury sustained in the minors not enough to get a compensation pick but death is? It is a subject that shouldn't really be questioned for respect reasons, but I don't see why the NHL would do this.

In other news, did anyone else (besides Kenny G) watch the Syracuse-UConn game tonight? Epic. 6 overtimes! Here's a link to the boxscore-the replay of the game should be up by tomorrow and it is definitely worth watching. Total tallies-244 points, 66 fouls, 82/208 shots, 16/59 3-pointers, 70 minutes of game time. Wow.

Last but not least, some Nats thoughts:

Good: Cabrera's 1st hit, Kip Wells signing (couldn't hurt).
Bad: Thinking about signing Duaner "Right-handed Odalis" Sanchez, Kory Casto's chances of making the Opening Day roster (and also his chances of getting claimed on waivers), Chad Cordero signing with the Mariners. Farewell, Chief!

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  1. thanks for the shoutout! what a game! how ridiculous would that have been if one team only had 4 guys that hadn't fouled out?


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