Thursday, March 26, 2009

Some Baseball America Links (and a bonus quote from Keith Law)

Check this out: Ralph Dickenson, the Nats' roving hitting instructor, chats with Baseball America's Ben Badler about Chris Marrero, Michael Burgess, Derek Norris, J.P. Ramirez and Destin Hood. In another post, Badler blogs from today's Nats games against the Braves (major) and Tigers (minor).

Jim Callis discusses what the Nats could ask for the #1 pick if draft picks were dealable. In a different post, he says Steven Strasburg would be the #3 prospect in their top 100 if he were eligible.

Some pretty good stuff here, worth checking out!

And a bonus quote from Keith Law: "Handshake deals are illegal under MLB rules, folks. The Nats should tell Young’s agent to shove it. An oral agreement is only worth as much as the paper it’s written on." If only...

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