Sunday, March 1, 2009


Jim Bowden is no longer our GM! We finally did it!

2 questions

Who will be the Nats' new whipping boy?

Who should (not necessarily will) be the new GM?

Monday edit-I apologize, the polls don't seem to be working. Hopefully they will soon. And from now on, he will be known as "he who will never be named again," or HWWNBNA for short.


  1. I'm starting to hear good things about this kid JD Martin, that you have mentioned several times.. I heard he has had some very good outings. Lots of movement and pen-point control. I heard this from one of the Nat.'s catching prospects, who has, in fact cought him several of those outings.. Have you heard anything thing too support this? Do you know when he will pitch again??


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