Thursday, May 22, 2008

Why I'm smarter than you

Before you pull out your SAT scores and college GPA, hear me out for a second.

Remember this post? When I suggested Hanrahan was improving and might actually become not only a good reliever but a viable fantasy option? Well since that post, Hanrahan has thrown 12 and 1/3 innings, only allowing 2 earned runs (a 1.46 ERA) with 9 walks and 10 strikeouts (although 5 of those walks came in one game). But over that span, Hanrahan has allowed 2 HITS! The man is unhittable! The man is on fire (cue Ricky Bobby references).

If you include the stats I used in that post, in Hanrahan's last 12 outings (spanning 19 and 2/3 innings), he has allowed 4 runs, 13 hits, 10 walks, 23 strikeouts and has lowered his ERA from 7.71 to 3.72. For a reliever, 19 and 2/3 innings is a pretty long time. When you mention he has a 1.83 ERA, a 1.17 WHIP and a 10.53 K/9 over that span, you have a heck of a reliever. And don't forget, he's the 5th manliest Nationals player. Ladies, I present to you Joel Ryan Hanrahan of Des Moines, Iowa!

So I may not be smarter than you (it was just a catchy title), but I totally called that.


  1. I am too smarter than you. I have many paper-bound books and my apartment smells of Scott's Liquid Gold.

    I would so not have foreseen this result. It's a welcome one.

  2. A couple other stats of interest. As of today (5/26), opponents have hit .195 against Joel and left handed batters have only hit .178! Next best on the Nationals is Tim Redding at .229. Of the 286 Major League pitchers with at least 20 innings of work, only 35 have a BBA lower than .200.

    Earl Kilgore
    Cumming, Iowa

  3. That's very interesting, Earl. Thanks for the insight, hope you come back again!


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