Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tim Redding

What an outing today! In the first game I actually got to watch on TV for quite a while, Redding pitched what was for the most part a gem. While he tailed off a bit after I stopped watching, he threw 6 and 1/3 innings and allowed 6 hits, 1 run (on an Adam Laroche HR) and struck out 5 Pirates against 0 walks. He tossed 96 pitches, 64 of which were strikes. He and Lo Duca were definitely on the same page (trust me, Carpenter and Sutton let us know about once per batter), and his fastball, off-speed stuff and breaking pitches were all "on" today. Maybe this is the pitcher Redding was once supposed to be (look at 2000 and 2001). Whatever it is, He could very likely be starting for a contender if he keeps this up, with a low-ish ERA and a salary of only $1 million.

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