Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thursday afternoon roundup

Sitting on the couch watching an afternoon ballgame taking place in San Diego is the next best thing to actually being at the afternoon ballgame in San Diego. But I'm not lucky enough to be there right now, so I'll just blog about it.

I am very, very happy with Lastings Milledge's performance in the top of the 4th. Bunting for a base hit, stealing second (twice, really) and then stealing third to score on a sacrifice fly by Elijah Dukes. Milledge is actually hitting fairly well over the last 7 games at .250/.308/.583. He hit a bomb last night, too. After seeing a glimpse of what Milledge is actually capable of over the last 18 hours or so, I've decided to be a little more patient of Milledge's learning curve in center.

It's also pretty funny listening to Paul Lo Duca and Chad Cordero talking about New York and Philadelphia Fans (all are paraphrased, no Tivo here):
"It was easy to convince myself they were yelling 'Duuuuc' and not 'Boooo'"-Lo Duca (sure, Paulie, keep telling yourself that).
"Philly fans are mad, mad people"-Lo Duca
"In Philly you have 8 year olds booing you"-Cordero

Some people don't like Lo Duca in the booth. For them, I have one simple question: Would you rather have Paulie in the booth or behind the plate? I'll take my chances with him chatting with Johnny Holliday.

I'm flipping back and forth between my favorite teams of softball girls, the Nats and the Virginia Tech Hokies in their College World Series game against Texas A&M. The US College Softball Player of the Year Angela Tincher is on the mound for the Hokies. I won't go into how really, really good she is. But she no-hit the US National team. And Tech's starting shortstop (and cleanup hitter), Misty Hall has killed two black bears (one with a rifle, missed what the other one was with). If looks could kill, she would be in the double digits by now. Texas A&M has a left-handed second baseman, Natalie Villareal. That's all I've got so far, but LET'S GO HOKIES!!

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