Thursday, May 22, 2008

Last night...

Not a whole lot I'm going to say about last night. I've got a few key hits though (something the Nats lacked last night!!)
--Chico sucks, why is he not in AAA?
--Jesus sucks (Colome, that is)...why is he not in AAA/on waivers/walking and balking for a different team?
--Jesus lives (Flores, that is)...he's hitting the tar out of the ball, playing terrific defense, calling a great game...if Lo Duca starts more than 2 times a week when he gets back, I don't know what JimBo is doing. The money doesn't matter. Developing one of our best young players, who is CLEARLY ready to be playing every day in the majors, should be priority 1A.
--Kearns to the DL? Couldn't hurt. Give the man another week off, give Dukes the at bats or call up one of the younger guys (Maxwell, Daniel, Bernadina, even Kory Casto. Again, we should be developing our prospects. Casto can still become a role player!!). Doesn't hurt to let Kearns heal, it's not like he's our star player right now anyways.

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