Friday, May 23, 2008

Schroder's roller coaster ride continues, plus other moves

According to Nationals Fanboy Looser (who credits NFA, who credits the Columbus Clippers for the first break):

OF Ryan Langerhans purchased by Washington
RHP Brian Sanches purchased by Washington
LHP Charlie Manning purchased by Washington
RHP Chris Schroder optioned to Columbus
LHP Matt Chico optioned to Columbus

First of all, I have to say this: stop toying with Schroder! He pitched well for us last year (3.18 ERA in 45 and 1/3 innings) and has now been up and down 3 times this year. Leave him up or leave him down.

To the players:
Langerhans definitely deserves the call. He is an excellent fielder at all 3 OF positions (something Wily Mo Pena and Lastings Milledge, and less so Elijah Dukes, aren't able to say). He's hitting .306 in 144 AB this year in AAA (although has lost some power, as he's only slugging .438...the .417 OBP is definitely encouraging, though). He was my 3rd choice last night behind Maxwell (who we're all going to assume is hurt now, because he hasn't started in 6 days) and Escobar (who we're all going to assume is hurt now, because he is Alex Escobar).

Sanches is a 29-year-old righty who spent the last four years in the Phillies system after spending his first five years in the Royals system. The 1999 second round draft pick has a little bit of experience in the majors, with a 5.75 ERA in 36 career innings over 2006-07 with the Kingdom of Phailadelphia. Sanches is ripping apart AAA bats this year, allowing a miniscule 0.98 ERA in 18.1 innings. The rest of Sanches' rate stats will really make your jaw drop: 4.41 H/9, 12.76 K/9, 8.67 K/BB. He also has 7 saves to go with his 26 strikeouts. According to NFA's initial report on Sanches (not a whole lot there), he is a "one-pitch reliever (fastball)." No word on how fast this fastball is, but it better be mid-to-high 90s if that's all he's got.

Manning is another 29-year-old who spent almost all of his seven previous years with the Yankees organization (minus some random time in 2003-04 with the Cincinnati Reds system--funny that he already pitched at Potomac and Columbus with different organizations). The southpaw also has a low ERA (1.95) and a lot of strikeouts (34 in 27 and 2/3 innings this year). His control is not quite as impeccable as Sanches' so far (13 walks to Sanches' 3), but he looks like a solid lefty option out of the pen. The knock on him has been a weak fastball (86-89 mph), which makes it tough to work with his good cutter and slider.

I'm going to withhold anything and everything about Chico except this: it's about time. It took me 9 random posts about Chico (out of my 23 total posts) to convince JimBow to send him down! That means I'm still 7 away from the Nats firing Lenny. Make that 6: FIRE LENNY!!!!!!

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