Wednesday, August 13, 2008

When no news isn't good news

Still no real word on Aaron Crow. I know everyone's saying all of the 1st round guys who are unsigned are just waiting for one domino to fall, but if he's really asking for $8-9 mil and an ML contract, I'm not confident he'll be signed. Whether or not he's worth that price is a different story, but am I the only one that doubts the Nats will give him even half of that? When he signs, I'll be happy. Until then, I'll be skeptical, especially when I keep reading articles like this.

Why is Odalis Perez still on our team? His last 3 starts have all been quality ones (6 IP or more while allowing 3 ER or less). He's got a 2.79 ERA and a 2-0 record in those 3 starts. And he's got a 4.12 ERA for the year while only making $1 mil. AND HE'S A LEFTY! I can't help but believe this is another instance where JimBow is asking for the moon and we'll end up with nothing to show for it. I find it hard to believe we can't score a Jhonny Nunez-level player for Odalis, so just like in Crow's situation, I'll be wearing my skeptical pants for now.

One last thing: would anyone be interested in a contest? There wouldn't be any prizes or anything (I am a poor college student, you know), but you would get the pride of knowing you're the best Nationals fan in the world. Email me your list of guys who you think the Nats will call up when rosters expand on September 1. I'll compile the winners that day and announce them afterwards. Sound like fun?

That's about all I've got for now. Check out Steven's interview with Baseball America Editor John Manuel here. As I posted in Steven's comments today, FireJimBowden is a daily must-read. You may not agree with everything, but it's still worth reading. I wonder what he'll call his blog when Bowden is fired?


  1. Bernadina
    Rhinehart (probably wishful thinking)

  2., I hope, unless the heavens smile on us and he goes out the door with Bowden.

  3. From Rotoworld:
    According to the Fort Worth Star Telegram, unsigned Nationals first-round pick RHP Aaron Crow has agreed to a contract with the independent league Fort Worth Cats.
    The ninth overall pick in June's draft after winning Big 12 pitcher of the year honors at Missouri, Crow has until midnight Friday to sign with the Nationals. His agent said Wednesday that a deal is unlikely. "The last I talked with Jim Bowden, he didn’t think there was anything more to talk about," agent Randy Hendricks said. "I didn't disagree." Luke Hochevar and Max Scherzer also previously played for the Cats, with Hochevar re-entering the draft and Scherzer agreeing to a deal with the Diamondbacks moments before the signing deadline.
    Source: Fort Worth Star Telegram

  4. Yeah, I figured that was more posturing than anything but I'm starting to change my mind now.

  5. It's official...Crow doesn't sign with the Nationals. He's eligible for the 2009 Draft.

  6. Yup, saw that. Finishing up a post about it now.


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