Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday randoms

Jim Bowden made a (well overdue) roster move tonight, outrighting RHP's Brian Sanches and Chris Schroder off of the 40-man roster. It appears that both have cleared waivers and have elected to stay with the club, so they will remain in AAA Columbus. I've advocated giving Schroder another chance all year, and although this certainly isn't the end for him (see Langerhans, Escobar, etc. in past years), it certainly isn't encouraging I'm sure. Both pitchers celebrated their 30th birthdays this month, so it's not like there is a whole lot more upside there anyways. By moving these two off of the 40-man, the Nats have 38 on it. Additional spots will be made by putting the Chief and Hill on the 60-day DL, leaving the Nats with 4 spots. 1 will go to Dmitri Young when he is activated from the restricted list. I'm guessing the other 3 will be Hinckley, Montz and Novoa.

In other news, Redskins veteran Jon Jansen is apparently on the roster bubble after being challenged by second-year Maryland product Stephon Heyer. I don't like the potential move, because Jansen only makes $400k more than the minimum against the cap this year (or at least that's how I understood the article). And he's got the potential to be the beast he's been most of his career.

Only 16 hours until kickoff! GO HOKIES!!!

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  1. I guess you were too sad to post this afternoon. Looks like ECU pulled an Appalachian State on you all! Sorry about that, chief! BTW, come join us for some insane fun tomorrow, with my Silly Sunday Sweepstakes!


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