Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wednesday Links

Just a few to throw out at you today:

Nationals Farm Authority goes through their picks for September Call-ups (with good write-ups):
Roger Bernadina
Kory Casto
Tyler Clippard
Alberto Gonzalez
Mike Hinckley
Luke Montz
Yunior Novoa
Brian Sanches
Maybe Leonard Davis
Chico Harlan of the Post also named his picks today in his chat:

Kory Casto
Mike Hinckley
Luke Montz
Roger Bernadina
Jordan Zimmermann
Leonard Davis
maybe Ian Desmond and Mike Daniel (currently in Harrisburg)

I tend to agree more with NFA than Chico. I don't see Zimmermann, Desmond or Daniel being called up. The definites are Casto, Gonzalez (he's not really a call-up per se, but he'll be added after September 1), Clippard and Sanches. Beyond that, I'd say Hinckley, Montz and Bernadina will all have 75% chances or better, followed by Davis and Novoa at 50/50. Zimmermann, Desmond and Daniel I'd say are all 25% chances at best.

Another thing to keep an eye on (from the Pirates' official website via NFA):
At the Pirates’ request, the Office of the Commissioner today placed Pedro Alvarez on Major League Baseball’s Restricted List. The Pirates were forced to request that Pedro be placed on the Restricted List because we were informed by his agent, Scott Boras, that Pedro will not sign the contract to which he agreed on August 15. Boras further informed us that Pedro will not report to the Club unless we renegotiate his contract and agree to pay him more than the $6 million signing bonus to which he agreed.
If for some reason Pedro Alvarez ends up not signing with the Pirates, it will probably void Eric Hosmer's deal as well (as Hosmer's came later than Alvarez's). And then the Nats' compensation pick for failing to sign Aaron Crow falls to number 12 overall rather than number 10.

And the last NFA link for the day (Brian has really been on a roll lately) is this one discussing the Nats' Arizona Fall League players. The guys named to the team are RHP Adam Carr, LHP Cory VanAllen, RHP Zech Zinicola, SS Ian Desmond, 1B Bill Rhinehart and 3B/OF Leonard Davis.

Last link of the day: Chris Cooley is offering an autographed jersey to whoever finds and returns Chief Zee's tomahawk.


  1. Ella Numera Una & the BF went to the game last nite & the Gnats won! Hubby is there tonite--maybe our Family Magic will work again? I think we've attended about 15 games this summer, either together or with other people, and the Gnats have only lost twice when one of Our Clan was there--that's almost half of all the games they've won!

  2. That's incredible. I'm 1-5 =x

    Mi novia is my good luck charm. With her I am 1-0. With anyone else, I am 0-5.


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