Monday, August 18, 2008

Picture of the Day: Sign of the Apocalypse

To borrow the series from Sports Illustrated, here's your picture of the day:

Yes, this is a Hannah Montana Fathead. I guess business was slow with the Barry Zito and Stephon Marbury ones.

I made it to Blacksburg fine, thanks. Unfortunately I was greeted by the news that WR Zach Luckett was arrested for a DUI. I'm tired of the labels our program is getting. No one who gets a DUI should ever play again. No one should get a DUI in the first place in Blacksburg...there is a free taxi service for drunk kids! Kick him off the team.


  1. Well, I'm not surprised that the terms "Zach Luckett" and "Fathead" were mentioned in the same post today. I just didn't figure Hannah Montana would work her way into the conversation!

  2. We want a Brett Favre Fat Head, but think it's too tall/wide for Ella Numera Dos's dorm room! Do you head back to Tech manana? Do you plan to keep on blogging? Keep in touch!

  3. starting a new blog for the washington capitals... i linked my name. hope to have an interview with bradley and clark posted a little while after my article is posted online. good luck at VT but may UMD smash your football and basketball teams!

  4. I'll make sure to check that out, Kenny.

    UMD may smash VT in football and basketball? Come visit me in my coffin when that happens, because it won't happen in my lifetime!


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