Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Maybe Next Year? Part Two

Yesterday I went over some moves I think the Nats would be wise to make this coming offseason in order to take a step towards (and perhaps over) .500 next year.

Last night's post was some of the "who," but tonight's post is the rest of the "who" and some of the "what," where I'll (crudely) project the names and prices of the roster for next year. Guys like Texeira, Hudson, Furcal and K-Rod likely price themselves out of the Nats' range, but maybe Uncle Teddy will surprise us (probably not).

To do this, I made a beautiful spreadsheet using Google Documents:

As you can (hopefully) tell, I have no idea how to make it show up right on the blog. I'll just direct you to the link where you can look (and sort!). You can see my spreadsheet here.

I'd like to point out 10 "set in stone" players for next year. "Set in stone" does not mean "untouchable" or anything along those lines. Instead it's guys who I can't imagine the Nationals trading and guys who are basically are guaranteed a spot on next year's team and the Nats meanwhile have no reason to trade them (either due to a small contract, or even a large, unmovable contract). Thus, "set in stone" is not necessarily a good thing. The ten players I named: Flores, Zimmerman, Dukes, Milledge, Kearns, Lannan, Bergmann, Balester, Rivera, Hanrahan. I'd say there is a 99.9% chance all 10 of those players are on the Nationals' opening day roster next year (barring injury, of course).

Tomorrow night I'll go through my personal projections, for both the 25 and 40-man rosters. They will include (again, crude) statistical projections for the players on both rosters. I'll also include in the post what I figure the Nationals will do with the players that are on the roster now that I don't project to be there next year. Hopefully by then, I'll figure out how to make stuff from Google Docs able to show up in a blog entry (has to be converted to a picture as far as I know).

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