Thursday, July 17, 2008

Destin Hood signs with the Nats

I guess Lerner had to prove he's not 100% cheap, so we went ahead and signed Alabama HS OF Destin Hood. says this:
According to baseball sources outside the Nationals organization, Hood will make
a total of $1.1 million in the next five years. The money is considered
the baseball slotting system when it comes to second-round picks.

Tip of the hat to NFA for alerting me.

1 down, 4 to go. We need to sign every one of the top 5 picks. No excuses. None.


  1. So, will the Gnats do any better in the second half of the season? I hear Zim is coming back next week-we can only hope!! I saw your best bud Cam yesterday at All Star Relays. Seeing him was the highlight of the event! Hear you're bloggy friends with my friend, KG. Be kind to him--he's a homer for the Brewers! :)

  2. Hopefully they'll do better, but I suppose they can't do a whole lot worse. Zim will be back soon, so that will help.

    I see Cam every morning at swim practice, since he's the coach for the kids I babysit.

    And yes, I checked out KG. He looks like a pretty knowledgeable guy. I don't hold grudges against Brewers roommate is one, and I know they've been through enough as it is.

  3. Thanks for not holding a grudge...we'll see if CC really makes the difference or not...

    good to hear the Nats are working at doing something to make themselves more successful in the future

  4. I also shouldn't mention that I grew up a Cubs fan and still cheer for them whenever they're not playing the Nats...


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