Thursday, July 24, 2008

Christmas in July!!!


The rotating blob of catching fail was DFA'ed to make room for L-Millz with Thrillz, who is coming off the DL;

My favorite part of his post-DFA interview:

Q: Do you even consider it an option to report to Class AAA Columbus (if you clear waivers)?

[Heck] no. You won't see me in Triple AAA. You can print that, too.


To recap some of many reasons he's awful:
He refused to talk to The African Queen. NOBODY refuses to talk to The African Queen!!!
From my previous post "There are not enough words, but too many phrases":
My roommate (a Brewers/Nats fan, so he gets double the Estrada fun) wrote up a quick 5-tool (or apparently 6 tools now) assessment on Estrada for me:
me: i need for you to give me a scouting report on johnny estrada for my blog...very quick...just hit his skills in the 5 tools
roommate: uh
roommate: he doesn't walk
roommate: but can hit for average
roommate: no power
roommate: speed blows
roommate: defense sucks
roommate: arm sucks
So, in a nutshell, the most worthless player in all of professional baseball is gone. Good riddance. There's no way the door avoids hitting you on the way out because you're so freaking slow.


  1. Hey,

    If you have questions ready for Chris Curran, send them my way, i'll get them to him and send them back to you. He's batting .314 for the GCL team. 11th in the GCL thusfar.

  2. Your Blogger profile says "Blogger not available," so I'll just post the questions here. He's more than welcome to answer all, some, or just one or two of the questions (or none).

    1) What was your first thought when the Nationals asked you to switch from CF to 2B? Do you think there is a chance you’ll still end up back in the outfield?

    2) All signs are pointing to you as a top-of-the-lineup hitter, with great contact skills, a great eye and tremendous speed. What is the one thing about your batting approach or baserunning game that you would like to improve upon to make yourself an even better top-of-the-lineup hitter?

    3) 8 years ago, the Expos drafted some outfielder out of Gonzaga University in the 22nd round. That outfielder’s name is Jason Bay. Is it comforting knowing that one of the game’s stars was in your position only 8 years ago?

    4) Did you get drafted earlier, later or around where you figured you’d get drafted in 2008?

    5) How disappointed were you when you didn’t get drafted out of high school?

    6) A Boston Globe article said you were a dishwasher for a restaurant to help pay for school. Did working in a humbling environment change your work ethic or perspective any?

    7) The same Globe article mentioned your mother’s dedication to watching you play. When she’s at your games, does it make you relax or does it put more pressure on you?

    8) What are your favorite professional sports teams or athletes?

    9) Do you have any routines before starts (such as eating the same food before every game or painting your nails like Dmitri Young)?

    10) If you could face any one pitcher in their prime (past or present), who would it be?

    11) Fill in the blank: Without _______, I would not be a baseball player.

    12) If you weren’t a professional athlete, what would you likely be doing right now?

    13) How close do you follow the Nationals franchise? Do you read blogs or look up stats and standings every day or just rely on SportsCenter or newspapers for your information?

    14) What did you do with your signing bonus?

    15) Is there a past or present Major League player you think you compare similarly to? If you want, you could also compare individual skills (such as Jose Reyes' speed, Nick Johnson's eye, etc.).

    16) All of the scouting reports on you mentioned a decent bit of power. You only have 2 extra base hits so far in the GCL. Is it because you’re still getting used to hitting with a wooden bat (and the power will come eventually), or are you just trying to get singles and then stealing bases to get into scoring position?

    17) I know you haven’t spent too much time in the Nats system yet, but who are your best buddies so far? Which Nationals coaches have helped you the most in terms of your development?

    18) There always seems to be a shortage of good middle infielders. Do you think that moving to second base is the best chance for you to get to the majors, or do you think it would have been in CF?

    19) Fill in the blank: Chris Curran will be batting ___ in the lineup, playing ___ for the Nationals in 20__?
    20) In a different Boston Globe article online, there’s a small picture of you with a nice little mustache. Please tell me you are still rockin’ the ‘stache!

    Thanks so much for your time. I’m sure you’ll gain many new fans throughout the organization by giving some answers.

    And thanks, Colin, for passing this stuff along to Chris!

  3. yo sean, if you have facebook, send me a friend request.

    Colin Cantrell
    Roger Williams University

    If not, shoot me an email at I sent a message to Chris, he'll get back to me soon enough.



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