Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday afternoon roundup

A decent bit of Nats rumors today.
Joel Sherman of the New York Post (via speculated today that both New York teams should have interest in Austin Kearns. The Mets have two corner outfielders on the DL (Church with post-concussion stuff, Alou out for the year now) and are starting Inning-Endy Chavez and Fernando Tatis, who both could be considered the epitome of short-term solutions. The Yankees have Hideki Matsui and Johnny Damon on the DL. There is apparently no timetable for Matsui's return, but no matter when the two of them get back, Sherman doubts the Yankees' ability to hit lefties (something Kearns does well). This isn't really a rumor, more of a speculation of sorts. I don't see Bowden trading Kearns unless he gets a decent bit in return, so it's really a win-win for us. We either get to see Kearns back in DC next year (and, as I hope you know by now, I'm a big Kearns fan) or we get a decent bounty of prospects (hopefully ones that can hit) in exchange for him.

Also, reported that the Cardinals were scouting the Nats recently. The original article came from, where the author, Jim Molony, suggests the likely players scouted were Odalis Perez or Tim Redding, "both available inexpensive options who have been pitching well lately." Tim Dierkes of MLBTR also speculated that the Cardinals could be looking to upgrade at SS by aquiring Cristian Guzman. Howabout Perez and Guzman for Aaron Miles and 2 or 3 B prospects?

Lastly, the Caps resigned defensive forward Boyd Gordon to a 1 year deal at $725k. The general consensus is that it was a good signing. I haven't seen anyone who says otherwise. Gordon is a good checking line/4th line guy who can play both the wing and center. He can shut down opposing players, but he doesn't score many points. Japers' Rink had a great write-up on his value to the team this morning.

One random note: Check out the "Answer Man" series of interviews on "Big League Stew," a Yahoo! Sports blog run by David Brown. Some of the stuff is pretty funny, and very interesting. I spent a good hour of my Friday morning (from 1 pm to 2 pm) reading the interviews. Some of my favorites were Huston Street, Kerry Wood and Bert Blyleven. Even Joba Chamberlain is pretty funny. Just skip the Derek Jeter one-he's about as exciting as a grey tube sock.

EDIT (5:15 PM): Roger Bernadina was sent down today. Ryan Langerhans was called up. Why waste a spot on a guy we know can't hit? Give Escobar or Daniel a chance. Another poor move on management's part.


  1. Why not give de Caster a chance?

    He's not a part of The Plan, so can protect some guys whom we'd like to get a little more work on the farm. And we need a 3B.

  2. ten-zip. the score of last nite's game. Yup, I was there! I think I bring good luck to our Hapless Gnats in person, but not so much when I watch 'em on TV. That's 2 wins this week, & I was there for both of 'em! BTW, don't forget my Silly Sunday Sweepstakes tomorrow--I've got a pretty funny snap this week!

  3. Hendo: I like Decaster too. He was one of those who I named as possible guys to use in September/next year. That was before Boone got hurt and Bernadina got sent down so I'd say he's just as worthy as Escobar/Daniel.

    BRN-You're pretty lucky. In my 5 games combined, the Nats have been outscored 35-11.


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