Thursday, July 31, 2008


MASN is reporting that Failipe Lopez and Paul Lo Duca have been released by the Nats to clear room for Emilio Bonifacio and Elijah Dukes, both of whom are being called up from AAA.

One word:


My life is oh so much better now that these two veterans who offer very little to the team and nothing beyond 2008. Finally, JimBow has admitted two of his mistakes. It's still way too late, and he still needs to be fired, but at least he dumped these two deadbeats.

Also-The Nats also traded minor league righthanded Jhonny Nunez to the Yankees for IF Alberto Gonzalez. From the looks of it, Gonzalez is an all-glove, no-hit SS. Jhonny Nunez will probably not be a Major League pitcher, as 22 year olds in A ball with 5.22 ERA's are pretty easy to come by. Looks good enough to me, I've seen enough no-glove, no-hit infielders in Felipe Lopez and Royce Clayton to last me a lifetime.


  1. Kudos on the scoop! Neither nor have picked this up yet.

  2. Lucky on my part. Caught the last out on MASN then the post-game show and was sitting here on my computer.

  3. It's about time. Lo Duca should have never been signed to begin with.

    Any idea who gives up that 3rd roster spot for these newcomers?

  4. Agreed there.

    Funny timing, I just suggested Colome on We've Got Heart, but I think Orr will probably be the odd man out, with two new infielders and only one leaving.


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