Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thursday Inbox

Here's your latest inbox:

Leadoff is my main concern at this point. Truthfully, I would like to see Dukes lead off and see what kind of pressure he can put on starting pitchers. Speed and power on top could put a scare into the other teams. Any thoughts on this one?
-- Don M., Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

It's a difficult position to put Dukes at the top. He has a great combination of OBP and speed, but can we handle losing his bat in the middle of the lineup or his baserunning gaffes?

I'd rather see a lineup like Guzman-Johnson-Zimmerman-Dunn-Dukes-Kearns/Willingham-Belliard/Hernandez-Flores.

I don't think Acta is the reason the Nationals are off to a slow start, but are there some people in the organization who think he is to blame?
-- Alex C., Montreal

He's not THE reason the Nats are off to such a bad start, but he is A reason. Manny still has a lot to prove to me to be honest-he hasn't locked in a spot for any future years as our manager.

I was pleasantly surprised to see outfielder Austin Kearns have a decent Spring Training, however, he seems to be back to his old unproductive self. Shouldn't the Nationals see more of Josh Willingham in the outfield and give Kearns the shakeup like Lastings Milledge got?
-- Frank W., Fairfax, Va.

Ummmm....he's got a bad batting average (.229) but a .386 OBP and .514 SLG are both awesome, especially when you factor in his plus defense. I'm not following you, Frank...bench the guy with the .900 OPS because he's not producing enough?

What's up with all these guys -- Ronnie Belliard, Cristian Guzman, Willie Harris and Anderson Hernandez -- pulling up lame while running the bases? I thought hiring a new strength and conditioning coach might have helped, but something's wrong here.
-- Maurice N., Fairfax Va.

A strength and conditioning coach means something, but not everything. The players still might not do their individual stretching right, or they still might not be in shape. Chances are, some of them didn't prepare themselves enough for the situation (I won't say ALL of them) and ended up hurting themselves.

Don't you think the Nationals made a mistake in not signing second baseman Orlando Hudson? He is apparently healthy and certainly hitting and fielding well. I think they blew it big time.
-- Peter R., Vancouver

Yes. I don't care if he failed the physical-they knew he was hurt. How does an injured player pass a physical? O-Dog is miles ahead of Belliard with the glove and ahead of Hernandez with the bat.

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  1. OK, Hoagie...I've about had it with the Gnats & the Skins. And on the edge of despair with the Caps, although looks like they might pull it out in the end. Well, there I go...jinxing a local sports team again! The Wizards, as you probably know, are dead to me, so let's not even discuss THAT. Put me back in a better mood, please, by contributing to Sx3 today, OK?


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