Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Chris Kay's take on UNC prospect Dustin Ackley

It's been almost two months since we last heard from Chris (although it's quite understandable, considering his busy baseball schedule). Be sure to check out his blog, We Talkin Bout Practice?

Before we delve into his latest report, I want to congratulate him and the rest of the Hokies for their improved play this year. Through 11 conference games this year, they are already halfway to last year's conference win total with 19 games to go. Chris has struggled a little bit at the plate this year, struggling to find consistency with almost half of his plate appearances coming as a pinch hitter, but at least has shown a Don Baylor-like ability to get hit by pitch. His defense behind the plate, however, has been impeccable, with 0 errors, 0 passed balls and only 1 stolen base allowed.

Here's Chris' view on Ackley.

This past month we played the UNC Tar Heels. Everyone knows who their best players are: Dustin Ackley, Alex White, and Matt Harvey. The most impressive of the 3 to me was Dustin Ackley their first baseman.
Ackley is a projected first round pick in this next years draft. He looks like any ordinary guy, but with a strong southern accent. Ackley is average height and size, but his abilities are far from ordinary. The speed that he has with the kind of power that he has is unreal. He hit a home run versus us that was crushed. The guy can really hit. He also possesses a great amount of patience. He racks up a lot of walks while being able to get pitches to hit. Defensively he is very sound at first base. It’s not a tough position to play, but he makes it look effortless with his picks. I think that in professional baseball, outfield will be better suited for him because of his speed and arm. It would be a waste of talent to leave him at first base with the kind of defensive
skills he has.

Thanks again to Virginia Tech baseball player and Michigan-area sports blogger Chris Kay for his insights.

A few of my thoughts: 
-Ackley's arm has been questioned due to Tommy John surgery last summer, but it is good to see in Chris' report that it looks good once again. compares him to Todd Helton with the bat and Darin Erstad in terms of athleticism. 
-Beyond the Box Score says he is a good overall player, but "not an otherworldly talent."
-Orioles Hangout compares him to Chase Utley.
-He could POSSIBLY fall to the Nats at #10, but I doubt it. DC Pro Sports Report's MLB Mock Draft Database has Ackley as high as second and as low as sixth. Don't count on grabbing him, but count on watching him play for the Mariners, Padres, Pirates, Orioles or Giants one day.

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  1. Real Baseball Intelligence (RBI), a leading resource in the evaluation of amateur baseball talent and draft coverage, has ranked Dustin Ackley the #14 prospect for the 2009 MLB Draft. View his free scouting report at


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