Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tuesday Inbox: Angry Nats Fans edition

Why don't we call it the mailbag anymore? =( Here's your inbox:

What is happening with right-hander Jordan Zimmermann? When can we expect to see him in Washington?
-- J.D. S., Arlington, Va.

According to Ladson, he's making his MLB debut on Sunday against the Fish. He gave up 3 runs in 5 and 1/3 innings in his first minor league start on April 9, striking out 4, walking 1 and allowing 4 hits (2 of them were HR). Apparently his start that was supposed to take place tonight was rained out so that may change things.

Do you think the Nationals will draft and sign Steven Strasburg?
-- Dylan H., Leona Valley, Calif.

Ladson thinks so, and I agree. The organization simply cannot afford NOT to take Strasburg. They can't afford the bad PR. They'll draft him and sign him.

It is so frustrating to see that the Nats are going to have another season like last year. This team just doesn't have pitching to win ballgames. Don't you say otherwise. There is absolutely no one the team can count on. I know you want the kids to play, but you need at least someone who you can be sure he's going to lead you to a win, even if he's 100 years old.
-- Alex C., Montreal

Pitching stinks, clutch hitting has been awful, defense has been bad...this is a bad team right now. Luckily, baseball is a game of streaks and there's nowhere to go but up for about 90% of the team.

Is Adam Dunn the worst fielder you have seen? In nearly 60 years of watching baseball, and studying the game from the 1870s to the present, I have never seen and do not know of a worse fielder in professional ball either in left field or at first. The guy is a natural designated hitter, so what's he doing in the National League? He makes Frank Howard look like Willie Harris.
-- Woody S., Arlington, Va.

No. Just because he's below average doesn't make him the worst fielder ever. Did you forget Dmitri already?

I know it is early, but is there anything to be concerned about regarding the Nationals? Are the games giving you any more confidence than the box scores?
-- Brian W., Arlington, Va.

I'm concerned that Manny might not be the manager we think he is (I share a similar concern with Redskins head coach Jim Zorn). Both are good guys and good motivators, but they haven't really proven to me to be good in-game managers. They can rally the troops, but at this level you need more than that out of the head honcho.

On an unrelated note: LETS GO CAPS!!!!

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