Tuesday, January 6, 2009

We've got the market cornered

No, not on toolsy outfielders....on Wil(y/l/lie)s! That makes 4 (Wily Mo Pena, Willie Harris, Wil Nieves...and 5 if you count Josh Willingham).

If you haven't heard by now, the Nats signed Wil Ledezma to a minor league deal worth $750k.

Can't argue with the price, as 3 of his 6 seasons have been at least average in my book...and he's very good in April. If we're paying $2.5 mil for Daniel Cabrera, there's no reason not to pay this guy $750k. Look at him as the insurance policy just in case Mike Hinckley doesn't keep that 0.00 ERA rolling.


  1. what is it with this team? this is dumb

  2. One more question: Why do you have blog verification/approval now? Have you got the Willies about blogging? :)


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