Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Nats sign another pitcher

Don't get too excited, though. Baseball America listed 3 new Nats in the "Minor League Transactions" portion of their prospects blog. We already knew about Wil Ledezma and Gustavo Molina, but a new name popped up as well: Josh Towers.

Towers is an interesting specimen. Not too often will you see a major league pitcher with exactly the same amount of HR and BB allowed in his career, especially with 726 IP. That speaks volumes for his control (1.51 BB/9) but also his capacity for serving meatballs (1.51 HR/9). So when Towers is on the mound, we can start an outfield of Jesus Flores, Wily Mo Pena and Dmitri Young and it wouldn't make a difference. Good to know.

Towers, like most Nats acquisitions these days, has a few warts. He seems to run his mouth a little too much, which in itself isn't a big issue, until he starts calling out the Manager.

Good to know we now have the 2 best full-season starters from the 80-82 2005 Blue Jays, though. At least he knows Syracuse well, having spent a lot of time in 2003 and 2006 (and a little time in 2004) there.

Drunk Jays Fans has do I describe it..."farewell" to Josh written when he left the team after the 2007 season. A warning-language is NSFW, starting with the title. also has a look from a few days ago, wondering where Towers would end up.

So now presenting one of your possible 2009 Washington Nationals, Josh Towers!


  1. To think it was just 2 days ago that I wondered where Towers would end up?

    Where will Josh Towers end up in 2009?

    I guess the Nationals more so then any other team offers him a shot at starting this season. Though I'm not sure that even the Nationals would actually want to start the season with him in the rotation.

  2. OK, this has NOTHING to do with baseball, but...the server ate The Oracle today. Left us the stories, 4 pages and no pixes. The kids were getting ready to "send." Mrs. Scribe handled the whole thing well. Thank goodness the paper was only 12 pages. There's no crying in Oracle!

  3. I don't know if you care but I went ahead and added you to my blogroll. I'm not a Nationals fan but my mother is and well I like to read other peoples thoughts and opinions especially when I don't have to scroll though a bunch of links of "hot sports chick". With that I will stop my rambling.

    On the other note: Glad to see someone read my piece on Towers. I'm in the process of writing a snippet on his signing with the Nats.

    If nothing else thanks for a few comments. :)


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