Friday, January 2, 2009

Hokie Dominance

What a way to start 2009. WAY TO GO HOKIES!!

EDIT-good news-starting FS Kam Chancellor announced after the game that he will return for his senior season. This team is going to be LOADED next year, losing only 9 players that really contributed at all this year (although the number could rise to 10 if G Sergio Render ends up declaring, as he has submitted paperwork but has not hired an agent).

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  1. Congrats to Hoagie on the Hokie win! And, about Macho...I just wanted to know if that was his real name. You know, sorta like Ocho Cinco? I'm thinking about renaming myself...if you can think of a proper pseudonym, please give me a ring. And hey, I've got 2 other things on my mind today. First off, don't forget Sx3's a stitch! And I've got a pretty good chance of snagging a superior blog award...thanking you in advance for your support!


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