Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday randoms

A bunch of random thoughts today. Among them:

Prince Fielder signed a 2 year extension at $18 mil (essentially buying out arbitration years 1 and 2). Think that takes him off the trade market? Think again, says the Boras Blog (which, by the way, is NOT affiliated with Scott Boras...just an analysis of him and his moves), who speculates that,"possibly the cost certainty will make him an easier trade target." Interesting...I don't think Bowden will give up on his pursuit of the Fresh Prince of Milwaukee (pardon me if that's been used hundreds of times before).

Tom Ricketts and his family bought the Cubs. Good news for the Cubs-the new owners are actually Cubs fans. For some reason, I just don't think enough owners are fans. Imagine if more owners were fans.

Bruce Boudreau appears on nhLOL.

Dave Cameron of FanGraphs looks at possible change-of-scenery candidates, including our own Austin Kearns. If Luke Scott can play 1B, I'd certainly like to have him.

Boz is upset, but not TOO upset.

The Nats have interest in Josh Fogg (via MLBTR).

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  1. "Fresh Prince of Milwaukee" only gets about 700 hits on Google, counting dups and noise, so I'd say you're still in the relative vanguard.


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