Tuesday, January 12, 2010


What is the status of right-hander Jordan Zimmermann? Will he be able to pitch in 2010?
-- Alex C., Montreal

Not looking like it, but it would be a pleasant surprise.

Would the Nationals consider bringing Felipe Lopez back?
-- Michael B, Washington.

People keep asking and Ladson keeps answering the same way: NO! But that makes me wonder, why doesn't he just stop answering?

I think J.D. Martin should be given the chance to earn a spot on the big-league staff. What do you think?
-- Ken N., Ridgecrest, Calif.

Given a chance at a spot? Sure. Guaranteed a spot? No. There is going to be a lot of competition when pitchers and catchers report next month (NEXT MONTH!!!). It's better than in previous years because more than one or two of these guys actually deserve to be on an ML roster.

Will the Nats try to extend Adam Dunn's contract or is he here for just one year?
-- Ed J., Gallup, N.M.

If I were a betting man, I would bet that Dunn is gone at (or before) the deadline. If for some reason they won't/can't move him, I could easily see them signing him for a few more years. It appears that he likes it here and the other players like him, too.

I don't agree that the Nats should not be looking for offense. Surely, there is a lower-priced outfielder who can come in and challenge Elijah Dukes in right field. Am I wrong?
-- Bobby M., North Potomac, Md.

I agree completely. While I think Dukes is going to have a nice year, we can't afford to put all of our eggs in one basket on that kind of bet. I was hoping for a Ryan Church reunion as a 4th OF, but he's apparently signing with the Pirates. How about Jonny Gomes? Rocco Baldelli? Reed Johnson? Gabe Gross?

What kind of contract is Hudson is seeking?
-- Bill M., Fairfax, Va.

"Based on what I was told, Hudson wants $9 million for 2010, and the Nationals are not willing to give Hudson that kind of money."-Ladson

Yikes. I wouldn't go much further above $6-7 million (plus incentives) for Hudson. But if it's a one year deal, it shouldn't be too catastrophic.

Do you think the Nats will have their middle-infield needs resolved before pitchers and catchers report next month?
-- Ken G., Montreal

If they do, it will be right at the deadline. I envision Rizzo as the kind of guy who lets the market decide itself, getting him the best deals he can on potential bargains.

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