Thursday, September 3, 2009

Inbox interjection

Heeeeeeeeere's your inbox!

Do you think Jim Riggleman deserves to be the full-time manager of the Nationals?
-- Kevin H., New York

Ehhhhh....I like Riggleman as a bench coach, but not as a manager. I'd rather them try and find a diamond in the rough than keep the status quo.

There is no question the Nationals have to revamp the bullpen. Who would you keep out of this current crop of relievers?
-- Justin B., Washington

I'd say Clippard and Burnett are definitely a yes and Rivera, Bergmann and Villone at the league minimum/a minor league deal are fine. MacDougal will cost too much in arbitration (and isn't really that good in the first place...look past the ERA).

If the Nationals don't get the second baseman they want, what's Plan B?
-- Alex C., Montreal

Plan B is probably keeping Alberto Gonzalez at 2B. They could do worse, but I prefer doing better than that. I'll be going over the 2B situation after this inbox post and will link my responses as well. (EDIT-link here).

I love the fact that the Nats brought Livan Hernandez back. Is there any chance Washington brings back Jose Vidro? He's still a free agent, and the team could always use an extra bat in the lineup. What are your thoughts?
-- Will B., Toronto

Oh, jeez. We just got rid of one immobile 2B who lost all of his power...why add another one back?

Now that the Nationals have Nyjer Morgan, where does that leave Roger Bernadina for future plans?
-- Ray U., Washington

Bernadina was never going to be a legitimate starting centerfielder in the majors. His role won't change-he can still be a National as a 4th/5th OF.

Billy Wagner wants to play near his home in Virginia. Do you think he could join the Nats next year?
-- Peter S., Chevy Chase, Va.

If he's cheap, sure. But I don't think he's going to come that cheap, and as Ladson said, he'll probably want to join a contender.

Given Stan Kasten's history with the Braves, was signing John Smoltz ever given serious consideration? Smoltz would seem to be a perfect fit as a mentor to the young pitchers, as well as perhaps having something left in the tank, at least as a reliever.
-- Mike B., Fairfax, Va.

Ladson says yes, and I agree. Smoltz was a much better option than Glavine ever was, too.

When Jesus Flores comes back next year, do you see the Nats keeping Josh Bard?
-- Patrick S., Washington

As I said Tuesday, I hope the Nats keep Bard around. I love Nieves, but I'm still not convinced he belongs on a ML roster permanently.

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