Monday, September 14, 2009

Inbox interjection, snark edition

Inbox time, boy oh boy!

I recently read about the September callups for the Nationals. I was shocked not to see Matt Chico's name on the list. I really liked him in 2007 when he was the team's most consistent starting pitcher.
-- Ben F., Suffolk, Va.

Here's a list of the Nationals' most consistent starting pitchers, year by year:

2005-Livan Hernandez/John Patterson/Esteban Loaiza-Patterson and Loaiza are out of baseball and Livan will be soon

2006-Mike O'Connor-O'Connor was last seen pitching for the Royals' AAA affiliate, his 3rd team of 2009 after the Nats and Padres. He'll likely be out of baseball soon.

2007-Matt Chico

2008-John Lannan/Odalis Perez-Perez is out of baseball

2009-John Lannan

Out of the 7 names, 3 are out of baseball and 2 likely will be soon. Not exactly great company if you ask me. Chico wasn't really very good in the first place. I don't expect to see him back.

Why didn't the Nationals call up right-hander Shairon Martis when the roster expanded? Of all the Nationals pitchers this season, he had one of the better records and should be given more serious consideration to play in the Majors.
-- Joe W., Waldorf, Md.

Innings limit...and if you use still use records to judge pitchers, please stay away from keyboards.

I understand that Mike Morse is a shortstop, but has there been any consideration about trying him out at short or second?
-- Matt D., Alexandria, Va.

Huh? I understand that Matt D. is from Alexandria, but is there any consideration about him moving to Alexandria?

Nats need to rethink Morse if they want him to play just 1B/OF.

Mets catcher Brian Schneider is a free agent after this season. Do you see him back with the Nationals as a backup catcher? He's a great defensive backstop and could help both Jesus Flores and the pitching staff as a mentor. What do you think?
-- Geoff B., Las Vegas

Please bring Schneider back. I like Bard a lot, but he's poor defensively (I'd rather have my backup catcher excel defensively and hit like Livan Hernandez than hit and field like Josh Bard). Nieves is below average. Schneider would bring stability to the pitching staff, and it certainly wouldn't hurt to have a lefthanded hitting catcher.

During the offseason, the Nationals should get better pitching for the rotation and the bullpen, but the offense is in great shape. What do you think?
-- Jonathan G., New York

Ladson: "I don't think the offense is in great shape. With Nyjer Morgan out of the lineup, this team is too slow on the basepaths. It needs more speed. It shouldn't rely on just the home run."

Well, now we know Joe Morgan's pseudonym is Bill Ladson.

I think Garrett Mock has monster stuff and deserves to be in the rotation. The same can be said about J.D. Martin, but for some reason, his stuff doesn't impress me.
-- Ryan R., Fairfax, Va.

For some reason, J.D. Martin's stuff doesn't impress me either.

Will the Nats keep Pete Orr around at least as a utilityman? I am so impressed with him. He's such a pro, and I can't help but root for him.
-- James W., Warrenton, Va.

Are these people kidding? If today's mailbag question ran the Nats, they would be lucky not to lose 150 games.

The lineup would consist of this:

CF Nyjer Morgan

LF Willie Harris

3B Ryan Zimmerman

RF Elijah Dukes (Willingham is too slow)

SS Cristian Guzman (I feel like this is the pro-Guzman crowd)

1B Mike Morse (Dunn is too slow)

C Brian Schneider

2B Pete Orr


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