Sunday, September 6, 2009

Guess what time it is? If you guessed Inbox time, you're right!

After two seasons of almost 200 losses, I think the Nationals need to sign some free agents to bridge the gap. Is management seriously considering acquiring veteran starting pitching, a few relief pitchers and at least two position players?
-- Joseph M., Eynon, Pa.

I expect the Nats to sign a veteran SP or two (but no more than that), a handful of mediocre relievers and a 2B. Not enough to compete with, but enough to continue the build...and the top 10 draft picks.

Do you see the Nationals trying to trade for Marlins second baseman Dan Uggla in the offseason? Washington has made many trades with Florida in the past, and it would be great if Uggla could be the Nationals' long-term solution at second base.
-- Patrick S., Fairfax, Va.

I doubt they would go in this direction. They don't really need another good bat/bad glove guy. If anything, they'll go after a leadoff/#2 hitter type who can handle the glove well to fill in at 2B.

With the pickup of Nyjer Morgan in center field, do you believe Justin Maxwell has trade value? I feel he could develop into a star center fielder if given the opportunity to grow and have a decent amount of at-bats.
-- Mick F., Springfield, Va.

I disagree. Until Maxwell can prove that he can handle the bat, I doubt anyone would give up anything that would make it worth it for the Nats to trade him. He'll be a National for a while I believe.

With Greg Maddux's brother, Mike, doing a great job in Texas, do you feel there might be a chance for Greg to come to the Nationals as a pitching coach?
-- Andy C., Nevada, Mo.

If anyone can go from never being an acutal pitching coach to being an ML pitching coach, it's Greg Maddux. I doubt it would happen, but it would be quite a catch for the Nats.

What are the odds of keeping Livan Hernandez? He has more commitment to D.C. than anyone I've ever seen. Why not?
-- Rafael B., Miami

We'll see how much committment he has to DC if they only offer him a minor league contract. I doubt they would offer him anything more than that, but stranger things have happened...

What are the Nationals' plans for Alberto Gonzalez?
-- Chris P., Alabama

I think he thrives in a part-time role as opposed to a starting role. They definitely need to hold on to him, but I don't see them relying on him to do anything more than backup Guzman/Desmond/the other middle infielders.

I would like to see the Nationals sign Vladimir Guerrero and undo one of the biggest mistakes in Nats/Expos history.
-- Michael R., St. John's, Canada

No. Guerrero has begun a clear decline, one that has seen his BB rate drop to 4.5% this year and his isolated power dropping below .200 for the first time since 1997. He's still an offensively valuable player for the time being, but, as Ladson says, the Nats are better off going for players with upside, not those on the decline.

And for the record, the 2010 Roster Building series will continue sometime tonight with shortstop!

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  1. I'm really disappointed with the Ronnie Belliard trade. What's up with that? Oh, well. Football season has started. Something else to focus on!


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