Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Reviewing predictions from 2009

Here were my guesses from the Nats Journal prediction thread. I'm just a little embarrassed...

2009 win total-76
Only missed by 17!
Attendance at Nationals Park (81 dates; last year's was 2.32 million)-1.9 mil
1.817 million-came within 73 thousand!
All-star representative(s)-Dunn
I'm more than happy to see Zim make it!
Adam Dunn's home run total-40 (exactly)
Hey, I was going for consistency...he hit 38.
Date of Stephen Strasburg's major league debut-Sept. 2
Pipe dream...
Nick Johnson's total games played-129
Shockingly close-he played in 133.
Wins for John Lannan-12
He had 9, but that was still 4 more than anyone else on the team.
Percentage of season Dmitri Young spends in big leagues, not on DL-20%
Well, 0% is certainly better than 20%!
Josh Willingham's total at bats-300 total, 60 with Nats
Oof. Oh me of little faith. 502 PA/427 AB.
Innings pitched for Daniel Cabrera-160 total, 110 with Nats
Thank goodness we only had to endure 40 innings of CaBBrera! He also pitched 11 innings for the D-Backs.
Team ERA leader-Lannan
Clippard led qualifiers (2.69) but Lannan led starters (3.88).
Team batting average leader-Zimmerman
For the year, Zimmerman led everyone with a .292 BA. But Nick Johnson hit .295 with the Nats (.291 overall).
Biggest surprise-Austin Kearns
Heh. Surprised me!
Biggest disappointment-Rookie Pitchers (ZNN, Martis, Hinckley)...and I'd like to add Anderson Hernandez.
Well, I'd say I was right on all of them. Hernandez and Hinckley played their ways out of town quickly, Martis won 5 games but pitched poorly in general and ZNN had Tommy John surgery.
Current minor leaguer (not counting Zimmermann) who will make an impact-Bill Rhinehart
Predict the Nats' rotation entering the last week of the season:
(Zimmermann and Martis will be shut down because of innings)
Livan, Martin, Detwiler, Mock, Lannan...I was 2/5!

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