Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Lots O' Links

Here are some links to check out:
Nats sign Kevin Mench to MLC. Dude mashes lefties, has the largest head in the Majors and is nicknamed "Shrek"...what's not to love?

Andy Seiler gives his preview of the Nats' 2010 draft. My preview of his preview: expect to see predominantly College and JuCo players (along with a few signable high schoolers) from the West Coast and Georgia (the scouting playgrounds of Kris Kline and Roy Clark, respectively). Definitely worth checking out.

Marc Hulet of FanGraphs provides us with a top 10 prospects list for the Nats as well as a draft review. The top 10 list is a little peculiar, because it doesn't include 2009 draftees (although an exception is made for Strasburg), but it works for me. The draft review looks back all the way to the 2006 draft that wasted a ton of high picks on crappy high school. Yay?

Matthew Pouliot of Circling the Bases gives his version of the 2010 Nats depth chart, and it's pretty all-encompassing. Even Jerry Owens makes an appearance! Money quote: "The Triple-A pen might be better than the major league pen at the start of the season." Yikes!

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