Monday, October 5, 2009

Inbox and links

Don't have a lot of time, so I'll jump right into things!

Why should the Nats consider Jim Riggleman for the permanent job as manager?
-- Billy T., Washington

They shouldn't.

All you do is praise the Nats and the front office! Be honest for once!
-- Scott H., Centreville, Va.

I don't think anyone can accuse Ladson of being consistent.

Your thoughts on Nyjer Morgan?
-- Mike A., Dallas

Excellent fielder and excellent speed. Any offense from Nyjer is a plus given his fielding skillz. He will come back to earth in 2010, but with his glove in CF, he could hit .260/.300/.330 and still be worth starting in CF.

How will the Nats' bullpen be restocked in the offseason, so it'll be more efficient next season?
-- Baheti R., Great Falls, Mont.

It's a great mystery. There will be some free agent signings, but I'm guessing they will be similar to those in 2009 (Tavarez, Wells, Beimel, MacDougal, Villone, etc.): a combination of decent middle relief guys and scrap-heap guys. Next year's closer will almost positively be a current member of the organization, I'd say.

I have been watching some footage of Stephen Strasburg. I don't think I have ever seen the ball move around so well for a hard-throwing pitcher. Do you think the guy could be our generation's Walter Johnson?
-- James W., Warrenton Va.

I'd totally be down for 417 wins and 531 complete games. The less bullpen, the better.

Ian Desmond has made some great plays at short. At the plate, however, he seems to have tapered off. Who will work with him to fix his problems with the bat?
-- John B., Fairfax, Va.

He ended at .280/.318/.561. I'd be down with that line in 2010.


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Nats Non-Tender Candidates: Kensing and Olsen. Ex-Nats: Bray, Cabrera, Church, Hill, Redding, Towers [MLBTR]

Ryan Zimmerman is the best player in baseball [MASN via BBTF]

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