Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Quick! Trade Willingham or Dunn to San Francisco!

With the trade deadline in the not-so-distant future (even though the last 48 hours seem like an eternity at the end of July each year), now is the time to jump. We've lost a chance to deal Nick Johnson to the one team desparately seeking a good 1B: San Francisco. The Giants, suffering from poor offensive production all season, traded for Ryan Garko and then today dealt for 2B Freddy Sanchez, greatly improving their awful offense.

San Francisco is vulnerable right now. They showed today that they're willing to deal youth to make a run this year-it would be a waste for them to stop now with a team that still isn't a legitimate contender (even though they have awesome pitching). They still have below-average offense at all 3 OF positions and lack any game-changers in the lineup beyond Pablo Sandoval.

Enter Washington. Josh Willingham or Adam Dunn would be killer additions to the Giants offense and the Giants have good enough prospects (and a GM in Brian Sabean who has a track record of being willing to deal them).

So that being said, who should we target?
LHP Madison Bumgarner
The biggest reach I can think of-along with C prospect Buster Posey, Bumgarner appears to be as untouchable as they get. But considering Sabean just dealt a borderline B+/A- SP prospect for half of a year of a great 2B (but one who is not a game-changer), it is worth noting.
LHP Clayton Tanner
I suggested a Tanner-for-Willingham deal back on June 4 when I thought his value was at it's peak, with a .256/.381/.554 slash line. But he's hit .342/.444/.633 in 37 games since then and his value has soared past just Tanner (even though the Aussie is pitching very well in A+ ball this year).
1B Travis Ishikawa
With the trade for Ryan Garko (who is still under team control for multiple seasons), Ishikawa is immediately expendable. His BB rates have tanked and K rates have soared so far this year, but I expect his bat to recover. More importantly, he has a great glove that can benefit the young staff's psyche (and ERA's). He will most likely be an average ML 1B in the longrun, but it's a huge organizational need if Johnson walks. Ishikawa is a good fielder and will come cheap in terms of contract, and should be a secondary target for the Nats (maybe Tanner+Ishikawa?).
RHP Henry Sosa
Could be an intriguing buy-low candidate. Before this year, Sosa held a 9.93 K/9. It has inexplicably plummeted to 5.5 this year. Strangely, his ERA has gone way down as well, from 3.21 up until this year to 2.36 this season. My other concern is that he'll be 24 tomorrow and has just reached AA for the first time this year. Could still be an interesting guy, though.

Anyone else think the Giants would be a good target? I would be more than happy to help push them into the Wild Card spot!


  1. Awwwww...but I just got Dunn's number at the last T-Shirt Tuesday! Well, whatever the Gnats do, I hope it's as good a move as aquiring Nyer Morgan. He's pretty awesome, isn't he?


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